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Maintaining activiti workflow state

Question asked by nasir on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2016 by nasir
Hi All,

I am new to activiti. Earlier we have created simple activiti workflow for our customer (activiti designer, Activiti Mysql DB, Java Delegates).

Now our requirement is to maintain state of workflow withing activiti itself.

I mean, suppose my activiti has below tasks : 1. GetData (service task), 2. update and Confirm Data (User task) 3.Perform Validation (service task) 4. Subscribe (user task)

Now our requirement is, once starts this workflow and left after say step 2 mentioned above, and if user returns again he/she should start from step 3 rather than starting from scratch (i.e. Step 1). So my query is is it possible to maintain workflow state along with application data entered in activiti. Or some better design approach using activiti (activiti REST API & Activiti DB + application DB in order to handle this scenario?

Also it would be really helpful if someone help me with DB document link available for activiti (like DB tables and what type of data gets stored in them, I do have mysql activiti scripts with me, but not very clear what kind of data gets stored in each table)

Thank you,