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'[Activity] Explorer is meant as a demo' ??

Question asked by on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by fcorti
I'm a little confused…

I had understood that Alfresco Enterprise included Activiti as a built in tool, so I figured to combine the two community versions into something that would function as one (believing that there would still be rough edges.)

So I downloaded Activiti Community and spent the time to get it up and running, and now that it's up on the same server as my Alfresco Community I then try to get some processes modeled and working in Alfresco.  So I continue to read through the UM and find this at the head of section 13:

        "Activiti Explorer is a web application that is included when you download Activiti from the Activiti website. The purpose of Explorer is not a finished, end-user ready application, but rather to exercise and show the functionality of Activiti. As such, Explorer is meant as a demo, or maybe inspiration for people using Activiti in their own applications."

So I move on and install the Activiti extension in Eclipse and have found the Jeff Potts tutorial on custom workflows and I read all the way through that and he doesn't mention activiti-explorer at all. 

So why, other than not reading the whole user manual carefully first, did I install Activity-Explorer?  And if only for that reason, why is the true explanation for the explorer buried down in section 13 of the manual?

Apologies for all that the pissin' & moanin' – if it was wasted time, then so be it –