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Need Help in creating Activiti Custom Reports

Question asked by loganathan86 on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by gdharley

I am pretty new to Activiti started to go through tutorials just two days back, as per guidelines from downloaded code for custom report generation but I strucked in solving compilation issues like

import com.activiti.service.reporting.AbstractReportGenerator;
import com.activiti.service.reporting.ElasticSearchConstants;
import com.activiti.service.reporting.converter.AggsToMultiSeriesChartConverter;
import com.activiti.service.reporting.converter.AggsToSimpleChartBasicConverter;
import com.activiti.service.reporting.converter.AggsToSimpleDateBasedChartBasicConverter;
import com.activiti.service.reporting.converter.BucketExtractors;


its shows these classes are missing,and needs help in Setting up ElasticSearch also?


Please do the needful..)