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CMIS REST API – Bad Performance

Question asked by sreiterer on Dec 12, 2016
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we are currently developing an application which uses the Alfresco backend (Content Repository) to create new documents and change a document’s metadata. For communication with the Alfresco backend we use the CMIS REST API [0]. Our CMIS client is implemented with Apache Chemistry [1].


We recognized that the performance for checking-out and checking-in a document is poor. Checking-out a document should only “mark” the document as “checked out”. No content is transferred/downloaded. During check-in, we only set new metadata and do not provide new content.


Alfresco environment 1: Alfresco 5.1 CE Standard-Installation, Windows 10, 4 CPUs, 8 GB RAM.
Alfresco environment 2: Alfresco 5.1 One, RedHat, 4 CPUs, 19 GB RAM

Code for checking-out a document:

 StopWatch checkoutStopWatch = new StopWatch();

ObjectId checkedOutObjectId = document.checkOut();
logPerformance(checkoutStopWatch, " ### PerfSer: CheckOut Document in {} ms");


Average Check-out performance: ~800ms on both environments


Code for checking-in a document:

 StopWatch checkinStopWatch = new StopWatch();
ObjectId newObjectId;

try {
     newObjectId = pwc.checkIn(false, properties, null, "update metadata");
catch (CmisConstraintException e) {
     throw new ArchiveValidationException(e);

logPerformance(checkinStopWatch, " ### PerfSer: CheckIn Document in {} ms");


Average Check in performance: ~700ms on both environments


So the roundtrip for changing a document's metadata will be ~1500ms.


Does someone know a more performant approach to check-out and check-in a document to update a document’s metadata?

Best regards,

Stefan Reiterer