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Enable  debugging  http protocol

Question asked by oscar_2016 on Dec 12, 2016


We  are  running   alfresco  4.2.4  on  Windows  server  2008  R2,  we  are  connecting  to  Alfresco  share using  HTTPS  protocol,  we  set up  NTLM  SSO  again  Active  directory an is    working  perfectly  if  we connect  to  Share  by http , if  we use  https randomly  in the middle  of a session  (after being  authenticated  using  NTLM SSO)   the    end user  is getting    the Windows  security  Windows  POP UPS  and  no matter  that  they enter  the correct  credential

IE Keeps  showing the  Windows  security  POP UP,  this make  me  think that  TOMCAT   is  closing the  HTTPS  connection   and  Switching  to Basic  authentication,  I  Would   like  to enable logging  to   capture  the HTTP   activity.

I  wonder  whether  any one out there  could  help  me  by telling  how  to  do this.

Thanks  so much  for  your  Help.