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Create cascading dropdown lists in models manager.

Question asked by geovanny.campoverde on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2016 by douglascrp

Hello friends,

I am creating my own model so I can use it in a folder through a ruler. I have created all the fields, but now I have to create cascading drop-down lists to make it easier for users when they are filling in the information.

For example, I have a drop-down list for Continents, one for Countries and one for States. What I want to do is that when I select a specific continent, the drop-down list of countries only shows the countries that belong that continent and, of course, when I select a country, the drop-down list should only show me the states that belong that countrie .


How can I do this?

Thanks in advance.


Geovanny C.


PD: I am using Alfresco Community 5