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How to launch a html page in a specific url from a user task?

Question asked by mmanzur on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by mmanzur

Hello everyone, first of all I notice that I am new in Activiti, I come from the world of Oracle BPM 11g and I am trying to make a parallel between both solutions.
Punctually my question is how to get a user task to the Activiti-explorer inbox and the user selects it, this will trigger a html screen (js, jsp, etc).
Reading the user guide does not make it clear how you carry out that task. Indicates that you use the form-key property, but based on comments in the forums, I understand that this does not apply anymore from version 5.7. My version is 5.21

There is no complete example with this functionality.
If someone can tell me where I can get a process that works with this, I would appreciate it.