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Automatically extract information from a document

Question asked by matignon on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by douglascrp


I'm looking for a programm, which could automatically extract defined informations and save it in a fields (those fields would be used by an other software through an interface)


For example, I'm getting a bill from Apple. Thanks the predefined areas (in an area, there is the adress of the company, and in another area, words which can clearly define the document as a bill), the programm shall know, which kind of document it is. Then it shall extract defined informations (like the bill number, articles number, amount of articles etc.) in different fields I would have defined.


I know that some DMS programm do that, but I unfortunatly don't know the technical word for that. Is it possible do build it with Alfresco? If yes, where can I find the way how to build it?


I thank you in forward for your help and wishing you already a good weekend!