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Statistics about Activiti

Question asked by lnavet on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by gdharley

Hello everyone,


I am currently learning the Activiti tool as part of a JAVA project, so I have:
- Initialized a Maven project by adding the activiti dependencies in my POM (version 5.22.0)
- realized a Workflow (bpmn file)
- used the RuntimeService and TaskService services

=> Everything works perfectly.


However, I want to get statistics on Activiti such as the number of processes in progress, the number of processes in the X state or in the Y state, the processes assigned to X or Y, the number of processes completed that day, yesterday....


Do you know if Activiti offers this type of reporting natively? If so, do you know how I can integrate this module into my project?


I thank you in advance.