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How to install Alfresco community on GNU/Linux

Question asked by iwkse on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2016 by archi_37

I'm going to open this discussion to know your preferences on the way to install Alfresco for a production server.


There's the bundle install, which is not recommended and should be used only for test or as a demo.


This is a post by Francesco Corti showing the process of installing 4.2.c

Alfresco 4.2.c installation on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - F. Corti 


and this is a newer version for 5.0.a

Alfresco 5.0.a installation on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - F. Corti 


which basically explains the step-to-step custom installation of Alfresco and its components and can be applied to any version of Alfresco (the only problem is knowing which are the exact versions you have to install). There's also another interesting project from Loftux _


GitHub - loftuxab/alfresco-ubuntu-install: Alfresco script based install for Ubuntu 


which does basically the same thing but scripted, it works on Ubuntu. I promised to myself to port it to Debian and maybe after writing this post I will do it faster.


Now I want to know from you which is your preferred way of installing Alfresco and why you choose it among others.