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How to include the web-preview component in the edit-metadata form on Share 5.1.f

Question asked by douglascrp Moderator on Dec 26, 2016
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I'm following the following thread 4.0 Reusing existing Alfresco components for a customization  and I'm trying to implement the same thing on Share 5.1.f.


Below is my code, including the path for each of them.



            <id>Edit Metadata with Preview</id>
            <description>Adding document preview to edit metadata page</description>
                        <sub-component id="metadatapreview">



<@markup id="bd-new" target="bd" action="replace" scope="global">
   <div id="bd">
      <div class="share-form">
         <@region id="edit-metadata-mgr" scope="template" />
         <div class="yui-g">
            <div class="yui-u first">
            <@region id="metadata-web-preview" scope="global"/>
            <div class="yui-u">
            <@region id="edit-metadata" scope="template"/>


I can see the DIVs elements created as defined in the edit-metadata.ftl file, but the metadata-web-preview div get the id as follow:

<div id="unbound-region-metadata-web-preview">


I have already tried a lot of combinations with scope, region-id and source-id, but nothing seems to work.

I was able to include the web-preview component once, but it ended up under the metadata form, which is positioned in the right side, and I got the same unbound-region-metadata-web-preview created in the left side, always empty.


Can anyone please shed some light on this?


Thank you.