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Cascading Dropdown  Issue

Question asked by ashitasaxena on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2017 by ashitasaxena

Hi everyone,

I am working on cascading dropdown.There are two dependent dropdowns in my form and  for first dropdown i have a constraint that is loading the values dynamically from database  and on selecting  a value from ist dropdown  second dropdown is to be populated  For that i have written a ftl that is calling a java backed webscript.Everything is working fine .

The main issue i am facing is that  second dropdown shown on the form is configured through ftl .It is not a model  property/metadata,corresponding metadata/field is hidden so I am getting second dropdown(shown through ftl) empty  when Edit properties  form /Edit properties popup is opened .For that also  on loading of window I have set the value . But  on folder details page in metadata section the field is not visible. Waiting  for immediate reply . If anyone has ever implemented  the solution for it  Please discuss how to resolve the issue of getting saved value from repository on Edit properties popup/page and on folder details page.