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where to find ?

Question asked by vperep on Dec 28, 2016
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I'm new in alfresco and this forum.

In installation instruction I read about files: - Alfresco Community Distribution zip


Web Quick Start zip Web Quick Start bundle containing the AMPs for Web Quick Start and the Alfresco Web Editor.


But on download page there is only alfresco-community-installer-201605-linux-x64.bin.

Where to download those addition files ?


My task is following:

I installed alfresco-community-installer-201605-linux-x64.bin by default (only core) and now need to add "Web Quick Start" and MS office integration (Alfresco Office Services ?)

Is it good to add these modules just upgrading  current installation by launching wizard from alfresco-community-installer-201605-linux-x64.bin ?

Thanks so much!