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Error editing doc with space in filename. Excel works

Question asked by moro on Jan 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by moro

Hello everybody,


I think I've read every possible post and haven't found anything similar to my weird situation:

I've just set up Alfresco Community 5.1 on my Ubuntu 16.04 box. I've used this awesome script and now my share is available from the internet at


long story short, if I "edit in Microsoft Office"

1) "File name.xlsx" Excel shows up and edit my file

2) "FileName.docx" Word shows up and edit my file

3) "File Name.docx" Word complains saying "Unable to connect to ''. Check that webaddress is correct" (translating from italian localization).


Trying the third address with any web browser will let me download the file without any problem.


On the client I'm using Microsoft Office 2013 Standard on Windows 7 Pro.


Can you help me finding out my problem?


thank you


PS. opening the same file from Microsoft Word (File -> Open -> SharePoint) will let me edit the file without reporting errors...