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How to hide an action present in another addon

Question asked by hiten.rastogi on Jan 3, 2017
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I have a requirement where I have to hide a custom action specified in an addon that I am using in my code. The action is required for a rule but I want to hide the action from users in document library and document preview page. I have tried the below way to hide the action but so far I am not successful.


The action bean-id defined in the addon service-context.xml that I want to hide - ev-ocr-english


Below is what I am trying to do in share-config-custom.xml under {classpathRoot}/alfresco/web-extension


<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocLibActions">
<action id="ev-ocr-english">


The above does nothing but if add replace="true" in the config tag above all the actions in the document preview page are hidden.


Please suggest a way on how to hide the custom action.




Hiten Rastogi.