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How to move user back to documentlibrary after Move action

Question asked by hiten.rastogi on Jan 7, 2017
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I would like to know how I can move back user to documentlibrary when user initiates a move action from document preview page. The use case is described below.


There are two folders A and B, user XYZ have permission to folder A and not to folder B. Now, when XYZ moves a file to folder B from A he should ideally not see it but when XYZ moves a file using action Move from document preview page he is able to move the file but he is also able to view the file as the page does not refresh merely the path changes, as can be seen from the breadcrumb, it changes from CompanyHome-->Site-->documentlibrary-->A to CompanyHome-->Site-->documentlibrary-->B.


I would really like to know how I can prevent the user from viewing the file in my case, as moving the the user back to documentlibrary page will not allow the XYZ to see B folder where  the file currently reside after move action. Please suggest me a way to how I can achieve this via refreshing the page or any other method.



Hiten Rastogi