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Duplicity check during Site creation using siteService.hasSite(shortname)

Question asked by vojtechm on Jan 10, 2017
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as I understand - when I want to check duplicity during new site creation in Alfresco 5.1.1, I will use siteService.hasSite(shortname) which will go through all sites (even Private ones) and give me true/false result. This hasSite even checks sites in Trashcan where deleted sites with possible same shortname might be located.


BUT in my case siteService.hasSite returns "ok" result even if the site is already in trashcan and is letting me to create site with once used shortname of site in Trashcan which might lead to future issues for users using such "duplicated" site.


I've tried to locate hasSite in classes in alfresco-repository-5.1.1.jar file but I was not able to find particular source code to see what this is doing and why does it not check trashcan or what does this query looks like.


Have someone experienced same behavior or have ideas why it's not checking the trashcan? Could this be related to index settings for archive://SpacesStore ?


Thank you very much.

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