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How to switch Input text field to people-finder control

Question asked by alstresh on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by alstresh

There are component   that allow send repository document by email. 

It contains configuration with UI form desciption

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="emailDocumentsAction"> 
                <show id="to"/>
                <show id="bcc"/>
                <show id="from"/>
                <show id="subject"/>
                <show id="body"/>
                <show id="convert"/>
                <field id="to" label-id="jb_to"/>
                <field id="bcc" label-id="jb_bcc" mandatory="false"/>
                <field id="from" label-id="jb_from"/>
                <field id="subject" label-id="jb_subject"/>
                <field id="body" label-id="jb_body">
                <field id="convert" label-id="jb_convert">

So on  "To" and "Bcc" is just text input field. But I need for "people-finder" component due to use only existing user email  (like new rule for folder with "Send message" template).

I have found  /org/alfresco/components/people-finder/people-finder.get.html.ftl

That allow find user by input text but have no idea how to change  <field id="to" label-id="jb_to"/>  to people-finder.get.html.ftl  with filling "To" and "Bcc" from User email.


Have any idea how to implement it?