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Performance issue with alfresco 5.0d and solr4

Question asked by ecarbenay on Jan 13, 2017
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we're having a strange issue with alfresco 5.0 d and SOLR4.


The server is running with this alfresco version since one year, without any problem.

Alfresco has been installed manually, by deploying the different war after installing tomcat and mysql.
Alfresco is running behind a reverse proxy (an apache server simply redirecting to ajp port).


Last month we worked to re-organize the way Alfresco is installed on that server, in order to be able manage multiple tomcat instances.
During the work SOLR4 “binaries” that were previously located in alf_data have been moved to another place.


The server is under permanent heavy load since that time, and we are searching why.
JavaMelody is deployed on that server, and we can see that the load is due to getContent calls by SOLR.


top during high load event

active java threads

cpu activity over one day

http hits per minute

mean age of http sessions

swap evolution over one year

tomcat connectors activity


api/solr/textContent activity reported by javamelody :



When we try to reproduce what is running Alfresco, we do not succeed :
https://[servername]:8443/alfresco/service/api/solr/textContent?nodeId=420 is responding HTTP Status 403 - X509 Authentication failure.
There is no log in catalina.out for this call.


When we run the same query on the test system we get the correct answer.


But we can’t find why this GET is not working !


We don’t find any other check in order to solve this issue, any help would be appreciated.

Software versions :
OS --> Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago)
Apache --> 2.2.29
Mysql --> 5.6.17
Tomcat --> 7.0.57
Jvm --> 1.8.0 u101
Alfresco --> 5.0.0d
Solr --> 4.9.1 1625909 - mike - 2014-09-18 04:09:04


JVM arguments for Alfresco :

JVM Arguments Alfresco


JVM arguments for SOLR :

JVM arguments SOLR


Configuration files and log files are attached.


Thanks in advance for your help