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Transfer whole DelegateExecution to a sub-process using CallActivity

Question asked by enchobelezirev on Jan 16, 2017
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I have a process diagram that contains of a lot of variables which are persisted in the DelegateExecution. 

This diagram reaches a callActivity which trasfers the execution to a new process diagram which needs almost all of the variables from the first diagram. The variables from the first diagram are passed by the callActivity(I have used the following tutorial: Activiti User Guide -  section 8.6.4. Call activity (subprocess)). There in the InputVariables tab of the MainConfig of the CallActivity, I have placed all the variables which need to be transfered.


However, this is too much for reading and easy to mistake with some of the variables.

My question is, can I somehow transfer the whole DelegateExecution from the first diagram to the second one without transfering each variable one by one?


P.S. I do not want to use sub-process as I want my diagrams to be reused on several places. That is why I want to use CallActivity


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