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Fetching node gets 404 or 410

Question asked by mauro1855 on Jan 16, 2017



We recently upgraded from 5.0 to 5.1, and we noticed a strange behavior. I wonder if you know what is happening:


Before, on 5.0, if we use the api to access a node (like this: http://localhost:8081/share/proxy/alfresco/slingshot/doclib2/node/workspace/SpacesStore/585579e0-fec0-4f0a-ac12-8e71776188cc), if the user does not have permissions to access this document, it would return a 404 Not Found.


However, now 5.1 using the same link (and without changing anything else), we either get a 404 or a 410 Gone. In some documents we get one response, in others we get another response. If we try to access the document using the share interface, it always says that it is not found (as it should)


Do you know what is the difference between getting a 404 Not Found or a 410 Gone? The document does exist, if I give permissions to read, the document is there.