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Loading during 18 hoors to obtain white page ?!

Question asked by tanaka on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by tanaka

Good morning ,


I must prepare an installation of Alfresco Community 5.2.


This monday I launch the cmd with the administration privileges of Windows 10 for my OpenLDAP, for my James mail server , and for servicerun.bat of Alfresco.


I have launched Alfresco this monday at 4PM . The page for the connection has loaded during the nigth. This morning tuesday when I see the loading of the page for " localhost:8080 " , " localhost:8080/share " and " localhost:8080/alfresco " , the page it's white . There any information , and I can't see the logo or information to connect at Alfresco.


I specify there is ANY ERROR in my log files. I have looked all files of log (alfresco.logs, share.logs, catalina , solr.logs ... ). I DON'T SEE AN ERROR , there is ANY " INFO " in those files.


How I can connect to Alfresco and pass this white page ?


I can wait a loading of the connection page in Windows . But wait more 18 hoors it's very scandalous and irate ! It's unacceptable !