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How to signal another process?

Question asked by vipi_voxa on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by vipi_voxa

Hello dear all,


Basically i am struggling with understanding how to send and receive signals (messages) between different processes. 


Could you please help me to design or give me a hints how to create in Eclipse Activiti Designer something like this:


Process "A": start-> User Task-> end.

process A has the data object: "invoiceId"=1


Process "B" start -> (Signal to Process "A" with invoiceId = "1") -> end

process B also has the data object: "invoiceId"=1


Use case would be approximately like that: 

Process A registering new invoice and sends notification to user e.g: "New Incoming Invoice INV_1". The human task can be completed by the assignee OR it can receive a signal from another process and be auto completed.


Another process "B", lets say, it is a Payment receiving process. which received auto payment for an invoice 1. When the payment is received we need to signal Process A to complete. 


I just cant find any tutorials of how to define a signal throwing and catching between two processes based on some kind of correlation id.



thank you in advance!