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Can't create folder with custom attributes and BEHAVIOUR from CMIS

Question asked by progaman on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2017 by afaust

Hi Experts!

My env:

- Java 8,

- Alfresco CE 5.1.x and 5.2.x.

- CMIS 1.1


My folder type definition in my-repo.AMP:

        <type name="asisapcsf:aft_contract">
            <title>SapSC Contract Folder</title>
                <property name="asisapcsf:dss_contract_number">
                        <constraint ref="asisapcs:stringLength50"/>
                <property name="asisapcsf:dss_balance_object">
                        <constraint ref="asisapcs:adc_balance_objects_list"/>
                <property name="asisapcsf:dss_department">
                        <constraint ref="asisapcs:stringLength50"/>


Also, this folder's type have a behaviour on "onCreate" event


If I create from JUnit tests in My-repo projects - the all right, all worked!

If I create from JUnit tests in My-repo projects with turn OFF my behaviour - the all right, all worked!

If I create from JUnit tests in My-cmis projects on full "charged" my custom Folder, with turn ON behaviour - I view (in folder's behavior class log out), that new Folder objects created without my custom attributes 8(((


My behavior's init code:

public AftContract() {"new Instance created. v{}, [{}]", VERSION, this);

* realisation the behaviour's init()
public void init() {
    // Create behaviours
    this.onCreateNode = new JavaBehaviour(this, "onCreateNode", Behaviour.NotificationFrequency.FIRST_EVENT);
    // Bind behaviours to node policies
            QName.createQName(NamespaceService.ALFRESCO_URI, "onCreateNode"),
    // namespacePrefixResolver
    this.namespacePrefixResolver = new DynamicNamespacePrefixResolver(null);
    namespacePrefixResolver.registerNamespace(NamespaceService.ALFRESCO_PREFIX, NamespaceService.ALFRESCO_URI);
    namespacePrefixResolver.registerNamespace(NamespaceService.APP_MODEL_PREFIX, NamespaceService.APP_MODEL_1_0_URI);
    namespacePrefixResolver.registerNamespace(NamespaceService.CONTENT_MODEL_PREFIX, NamespaceService.CONTENT_MODEL_1_0_URI);
    namespacePrefixResolver.registerNamespace(I10nSapCSModelFolders.CONTENT_MODEL_PREFIX, I10nSapCSModelFolders.CONTENT_MODEL_URI);


My code in CMIS 1.1 client:

        String folderName = "Test CMIS folder-5";
        String folderTitle = "Test CMIS title";
        String folderDescritpion = "Test CMIS description";

        // Create a Map of objects with the props we want to set
        Map<String, Object> properties = new HashMap<String, Object>();
        List<String> aspects = new ArrayList<>();

        properties.put(PropertyIds.NAME, folderName);
        properties.put(PropertyIds.OBJECT_TYPE_ID, "F:asisapcsf:aft_contract");
        properties.put(PropertyIds.SECONDARY_OBJECT_TYPE_IDS, aspects);
        // fill cm:titled Aspect's attrs
        properties.put("cm:title", folderTitle);
        properties.put("cm:description", folderDescritpion);
        // fill my Custom attrs
        properties.put("asisapcsf:dss_contract_number", "00035");
        properties.put("asisapcsf:dsi_contract_year", 2014);
        properties.put("asisapcsf:dss_department", "11-06");

        // create Folder
        Folder newFolder = folder.createFolder(properties);
        //Document doc = folder. createDocument(properties, contentStream, VersioningState.MAJOR);
        assertNotNull("CMIS: Problem create new Folder: ", newFolder);"Succ create new Folder: [{}]: [{}]", newFolder.getPath(), newFolder);

Log output (from onCreateNode AFT_CONTRACT behavior):

2017-01-20 11:58:36,197 [http-apr-8080-exec-7] TRACE AftContract.onCreateNode - dump aftContractNode:
[node: workspace://SpacesStore/c11125c1-2be9-4586-a0af-616dafc7b054
node StoreRef: workspace://SpacesStore
node Path: /{}company_home/{}sites/{}emgsap/{}documentLibrary/{}Test_x0020_CMIS_x0020_folder-5
node Type: {}aft_contract
{}created: Fri Jan 20 11:58:36 ALMT 2017
{}dss_balance_object: EM
{}creator: admin
{}node-uuid: c11125c1-2be9-4586-a0af-616dafc7b054
{}name: Test CMIS folder-5
{}store-protocol: workspace
{}store-identifier: SpacesStore
{}node-dbid: 1750
{}locale: en_US
{}modifier: admin
{}modified: Fri Jan 20 11:58:36 ALMT 2017
2017-01-20 11:58:36,197 [http-apr-8080-exec-7] TRACE AftContract.validateSite - Invoke


This log show, what from CMIS to Alfresco was not sending no one attribute

- no title

- no description

- no my cust/ attrs (asisapcs:*)

one successfully attribute "dss_balance_object: EM" - it not from CMIS, "EM" - it is default value (look model def. early)