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How to upload file to alfresco by email?

Question asked by on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by cesarista

I wanted to upload files via email in Alfresco. I am using alfresco community 5.2 I have added inbound email properties in file and i have followed all the steps and I sent an email as explained in below links But I am not able to receive any files in my alfresco

I have referred the links

Steps I have followed 1. set the properties in global properties

email.inbound.enabled=true email.server.enabled=true email.server.port=25 email.inbound.unknownUser=anonymous email.server.allowed.senders=.*
  1. created a user named as hello1 email id=> added this user into EMAIL_Contributors group
  2. Created a site named as test site created a folder in Document Library Dropoff applied aspect email alias able added alias properties as dropoff so the my email address will be

tried to send email to and both

Still i am not receiving any files which i have attached in email.