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How to track document changes in different tasks?

Question asked by paiyyavj13 on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2017 by thuynh

I have a multiple level review process,

I have a submit form which allows documents to be uploaded.

I show this document in the first level of review form- I give the edit in Microsoft Office option and the reviewer edits the document. These changes are saved successfully back in the task level. The reviewer Approves.


Now, when the second level of review opens, I show the same document uploaded in the Submit form initially, but I want to retain the changes made at the first level of Review while the document goes for second level of review.


What I believe is happening is that since I uploaded the document to be reviewed in the Submit form, it becomes part of the Task and hence the changes made on the document in the First level of Review, is not retained at the second level of review.


Any pointers to make the document to be reviewed a process variable instead of task ? Please guide