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Wrong dates. Activiti deployment date.

Question asked by vipi_voxa on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2017 by vipi_voxa

Hello Fellows!


I experience this strange product behavior, quite critical thing i must admit. The processes i am deploying via activiti explorer are getting wrong deployment date. And what is more crucial - instance actions also randomly gets wrong start_time_ and end_time_. 


Well, with a deployment i can replicate it quite easily. I just go to activiti admin (logged as  kermit_ and deploy my test processes. (Screenshot attached. You can see in a screen shot that OS date and time as well as DB date and time are fine). With instance actions i have not found a straight path to replicate, it is just happening, and it is a complete stopper to use the product, since it is not possible to analyze when the action happened. 


Maybe somebody can assist me with a solution. Hope it's kind of configuration or something... 


thank you in advance!


activit 5.22.0

db oracle 11g

app server: (wildfly) Jboss eap 7.0.0.GA

os jboss running on - windows 7 pro 


deploying processes

deployed wrong date