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Creating custom properties for a document and fill them up from another BPM platform

Question asked by amincheva on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by fcorti

Hello, Guys!
I'm new to Alfresco and I'm trying to customize the properties of a document. I have connected Bonita BPM with Alfresco and what I want to do is to send something like a package (bundle) if I can call it like this, from Bonita to Alfresco.
In this package I want to have a uploaded document plus some custom metadata about it, so later I can search it easier. I read some stuff about customizing the properies in Alfresco, but I can not find the full path to do it. I think the very first step is to create my content model file, but what I should do after that?
Can anyone guide me through the basic step by step process?

I will greatly appreciate it!