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How to upload properties without losing it after new version upload?

Question asked by zigi on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by sepgs2004


I'm working on application which connects to Alfresco 5.1 over CMIS (using Apache Chemistry). This app provides:

- creation of a new document (own type) with specified metadata - method "createDocument" of Apache Chemistry is used

- edit metadata (without creation of new version) - method "updateProperties" of Apache Chemistry is used

- upload new version of document - method "checkIn" of Apache Chemistry is used


New document creation with initial metadata set works fine. When I update metadata (edit) all changes are correctly vissible, new version is not created - I check it on web share and by CMIS.

Upload of a new version of document creates correctly new version. When I check metadata of previous document version there are not metadata values which were in the moment just before new version but the values are initial metadata.


Is it possible to not lost metadata change when new version is uploaded? I don't prefere to create new version of document when metadata property is updated (autoVersionOnUpdateProps).