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JLAN copying large files fails sometimes from Windows 7 clients to server

Question asked by bpiepers on Jan 30, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by bpiepers

For the past months I have been working with the relatively old open source project called JLAN to extend it for a project that is using it for copying large files from and to the shares. I have integrated it with Kerberos and have extended the functionality so that a virtual directory structure is created based on the user that is logged in. 


We are currently struggling with a problem in the code that we are unable to fix yet but before I dive in, I would like to ask if this is the correct channel or location to submit questions to for this project? Are there people out there that are using the file transfer functionality of Alfresco (currently embedded in the product in the jar "alfresco-jlan-embed-6.2.jar")? Are there people here that are familiar with its code base and have built extensions/refactored it? 


Thanks in advance