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Linux WebDAV / AOS - MS Office issues

Question asked by ryul on Jan 30, 2017

Hi everyone,


we have 2 alfresco systems running in our environment.

One is running on a Windows Server 2012 system (Alfresco Community GA201612), the other one on a Debian 8 Linux (Alfresco Community GA201701).


Both are quite the same in it's settings (Wildcard SSL / HTTPS is implemented).


On the Windows system, it's no problem to map Alfresco via WebDAV connection (

It's also no problem to open Office files via MS Office and save them.But everytime I open a file via WebDAV with MS Office, it asks for credentials. After the login, it's fine (saving works).

  • How can we disable the login window (because I'm already logged in via WebDAV)?




On the Linux system, it's no problem to map Alfresco via WebDAV connection, except for Windows 10.

On Windows 10, following message appears:

"Mutual authentication failed. The server's password is out of date at the domain controller."


We can open Office files via WebDAV with MS Office (it asks 2 times for credentials), but we cannot save them ("This file is read-only.").

We do not see the save symbol with the green sync arrows like it should be with the Alfresco Windows system.

Also we cannot browse with MS Office to the Linux Alfresco system like we can do on the Windows Alfresco system.

Nothing happens if we enter the Linux .../alfresco/aos URL in MS Office.

  • How can we save MS Office files via WebDAV on our Linux Alfresco system?
  • How can we browse with MS Office on the Linux Alfresco system?
  • It is possible to fix the WebDAV error message on Windows 10?



Thanks for everyones help!