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Office 2013 will not save credentials for accessing Alfresco documents

Question asked by florent.souliere on Feb 1, 2017
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I am trying to use MS Office 2013 with Alfresco GA 201701.


The issue is:

1. From a web browser (e.g. IE 11), I locate a document, then I click on action "Edit from Microsoft Office"

2. Word or Excel loads itself, then Office asks me for the Alfresco credentials. So that it can download the file through AOS. In the login prompt, I can check "Remember my credentials" (in French: "Mémoriser ces informations"); by doing so, I expect Office will prefill the login prompt with the very same credentials I entered at the first time:




3. I close the file from the Office application. Then back to Alfresco, I click on "Edit from Microsoft Office" again.



Result: the login prompt displayed by Office is blank, even though I checked the box "Remember my credentials" earlier


Expected: the login prompt displayed by Office is prefilled, and I just have to click on the OK button


Workaround: add a new entry in the Generic Credentials of Windows' Credential Manager, but this method is not acceptable for the average user



The tested configuration was Windows 7 and 8.1, Office 2013, IE 11 / Firefox 51, and no SSO (just basic auth against LDAP directory).


The credentials "remembering" feature was working well with Office 2010.



What could be the cause of the problem, and how would I solve it?