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How can I integrate Alfresco CMS into Tiles2?

Question asked by christophercheng on Feb 2, 2017

I have a request from my client to integrate Alfresco into an existing application using Struts/Tiles2 for presentation.

Could I integrate Alfresco into tiles2? For example, is it possible to have something like this?
<definition name="index" template="/jsp/myapp/layout/layout.jsp">
    <put-attribute name="navigationBar" type="jcr" value="${requestScope.document.html}"/>
    <put-attribute name="header" value="/jsp/myapp/layout/header.jsp"/>
    <put-attribute name="footer" value="/jsp/myapp/layout/footer.jsp"/>
That means some of the pages, we use jsp and some of the pages, the contents are retrieved from Alfresco and the contents are in freemarker?