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Using node-dbid to create a unique document number

Question asked by neilecker on Feb 3, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by neilecker

My organization migrated from a system that had an automatic document numbering system which many users found useful.  The nodeRef is certainly unique but isn't something that you could easily read to someone over a phone call.


Just wondering if there are any reasons why using the sys:node-dbid property would be a bad idea to generate a unique document number to insert in a custom property.  It's unique to the respository so that part is good.  Would I ever run into a problem when upgrading to a newer version of Alfresco?


Below is the simple test script and rule I created.


GRY - AutoNumber.js

var dbid =['sys:node-dbid'];['gry:fileNumber'] = 'DOC_' + dbid;;


Simple rule on folder to run the above script: