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Pass SuperProcessId of a manually started sub-process(using Java API)

Question asked by enchobelezirev on Feb 6, 2017
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I have a two diagrams in my Activiti project.

The first of them has a ServiceTask which starts manually a sub-process instance, using the Activiti java API.

Here is snippet from the code:

runtimeService.startProcessInstanceById(processDefinitionId, context.getVariables()); - where the processDefinitionId is the id of the second diagram

This successfully starts a sub-process and everything works fine.

However, I want to pass the processId of the process which starts the new sub-process as a ParentId or as a SuperProcessId.


I used CallActivities in order to do that but now, I need to use the Java API as there are some issues with the parallel execution of the callActivities(sequential = false).


Could you tell me how can I do that and if it is possible at all?