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user tips and tricks

Question asked by idwright on Feb 8, 2017
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Does anybody know of a list of user focused tips and tricks?

My searches mostly turn up administrative tips.


We're using share fairly extensively but I think we could be using it a lot better.


Most of our users are casual users and there's quite a wide geographical spread so there's no (realistic) chance of doing any training or getting anybody to read anything substantial - it wouldn't be priority.


We do have a monthly newsletter so my thought is that if I could put in a 'Did you know?' sentence/paragraph, something short and self contained (i.e. not a link) every month then that would be a good way to improve the knowledge and drive up the usage by making people aware of the possibilities of the platform.


A fairly crude example might be: Did you know that there are iOS and Android apps available that you can use to connect to Alfresco?


So if there's not a (good) list available perhaps you can contribute some of your favourite tips here