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How to solve expired token issue when a thread is still running ?

Question asked by mbel on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by afaust


I have the following issue:

I am trying to export 1GB files using Alfresco's Exporter implementation.

However, the thread is interrupted because of the below Exception...


2017-02-08 20:10:36,061 WARN [repo.job.JobUtilities] [DefaultScheduler_Worker-6] Error releasing lock - lock may have been forcibly released outside of job
org.alfresco.repo.lock.LockAcquisitionException: 01080067 Failed to release lock '{}notificationgenerator' using token 'fcaf52c1-e361-4ce3-b6d1-60541f3b97ac'. The lock has expired and been taken by another process.



Could someone advise how this can be solved -> not to interrupt the thread because of expired token? 


Thank you in advance.