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Overwriting "save" action on the Properties document

Question asked by dsalvat on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by cristinamr

Dear all, 


I am in the middle of the migration process to Alfresco, and I am stuck in a problem which I do not know exactly how to approach.


The previous system provided a generated code for each document, according to the type of document to be recorded. That means that, given a certain classification, the id number of the document would be one or another.


I've created a model, which provides a series of options to user to classify the document. (testModel.xml). Information has been modified in order to avoid any confidentiality issues.


The desired behavior would be:

  • Select a Project Code from a given List: ADD - Administration Division; DIR - Director; or END - Engineering Division. Let's select the DIR - Director option, as an example.
  • Select a System Code from a given List: GD - General Documents; or PM – Project Management. Let's select in this case the GD - General Documents, to follow the example.
  • Write a System Number, free text (E.g.: 1)
  • Select a Subsystem Code from a given List: AL Alignment; or CM Component. Let's select in this case the CM Component, to follow the example.
  • Write a Family identification, free text (E.g.: F)
  • Select a Doc Type Code from a given List: MG Management General; VI Visit Report;.... Let's select in this case MG Management General.


Once selected these options, there must be a new field on the properties, which would concatenate the codes of each category and a sequence number. In this case, the code would be: DIR-GD1CMF-MG-0001.


Is there a way to find a solution to my proposal? I know it is quite specific, but I would appreciate any clue about what would be a suitable solution (Webscripts, Java development, Javascript development). If you could also provide any reference or link I could check that would be great.


Thank you so much for your help!