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Workflows developed with Designer extension show blank without extension

Question asked by blezek on Feb 10, 2017
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We have developed an Actviti Designer extension that holds some custom tasks for our application.  If I develop a workflow containing the custom tasks from the extension, and then load the workflow in a vanilla version of Designer, i.e. without our extension installed, I get a totally blank workflow.


If I re-create the same workflow without using our custom extension and compare, the "activiti:extensionID" attribute on the "<serviceTask>" tag is the only difference.  For example:


With Extension:

 <serviceTask id="_SeriesRouter.ClassifySeries" name="Classify Series" activiti:class="edu.mayo.qia.dewey.task.ClassifySeriesTask" activiti:extensionId="edu.mayo.qia.dewey.designer.ClassifySeriesItem"></serviceTask>

Without Extension:

 <serviceTask id="servicetask2" name="Classify Series" activiti:class="edu.mayo.qia.dewey.task.ClassifySeriesTask"></serviceTask>

Is there an easy way to make the workflow be editable without my custom extension?  It is very confusing to our users.  We could strip the "activiti:extensionID" attributes, and I think that would make it work...  but I'd rather not do that.


Edit: If I remove the "extensionID" attributes, the workflow shows up just fine without our Designer extension being installed.