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Using custom data Model

Question asked by dharamjeet on Feb 10, 2017

hello everyone, I tried creating CustomDataModelService by implementing AlfrescoCustomDataModelService and it is working absolutely fine when I configure the mapping with a form field of text type.

I have a separate database with User table where I am storing activiti user id. Now I have taken a people field on the process start form at start event and I on basis of the assignee selected I need to display its first name , last name and other fields to a next user task form. and this data i'm getting from my separate database by comparing assignee with the assignee id field in my database.

With this setup, when I select start event and go for form data binding , it won't allow me to bind my model with people field that has assignee. and to resolve this issue what I did is ,in process properties below I created a new variable assignee and checked map variable with data model entity and mapped it to my data model. Now when i start my process , call goes to my customDataModelService and I get the assignee Id in the field value of getMappedValue() method and further I execute my query onto my database to fetch the required data and return it but I the User task form doesn't get populated. where I have taken form to display the values through mapped variable name.

On the other hand If I take text field on the start form and pass the assignee Id by myself and define the mapping of this field ,mapped variable name gets populated and displays the result on the user task form.

I don't want to take a separate text field and set assignee Id and binding text field with my model instead I want it to work by selecting assignee.


Is there any way I can achieve this functionality by selecting the assignee???