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How to Give Users Access Through the Upload API?

Question asked by draperaj on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by janv

Hey Guys,


I'm working on an app, and in my app I have the user login, which gets an alfresco ticket from the url:



The string I receive back from this is:



Then when I try to access the upload URL and pass this ticket in like this:



I receive back a 403 forbidden. I've tried doing this the exact same way, except I login with the admin's credentials:


Works like a charm. I tried going into the Alfresco admin tools page, and I added the user into a group, and set a quota, and looked around. I'm still not able to get the user to pass authentication when I'm uploading the file.


How can I give these users the permissions to upload with the API, and not have to change the webscript to allow guests to download files?


Any tips / help would be appreciated guys,