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Is it possible to use REST to get current tasks for all users

Question asked by dhrobbins on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by dhrobbins

Is it possible to get all current tasks for all users via REST.  Our environment is Community Edition 5.2.2.


While I know it is possible to get all tasks for a currently authenticated user with the following REST call:



I need to be query current tasks for all workflows in order to perform reporting. Out goal is to create page where managers can identify how many workflows are in process and what phase they are in.  These managers do NOT participate in the workflows.  If this means consuming data then filtering on the client that is also an option for us.


Other possibilities I've considered are:


  • Assign a group to the workflow so it can see all tasks? 
  • Create an endpoint and query using WorkflowService.queryTasks();