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Permissions in Site : bug with a script in rules

Question asked by johann on Feb 14, 2017



Alfresco Community v5.1.0


This is my Alfresco project structure :


| - User Homes (Rule : execute script in (Data Dictionnary/scripts) when new entry and create new folder in Sites/Custom Sites/documentLibrary/Folder)

| - Data Dictionnary

      | - scripts

            | - my custom script

| - Sites

       | - Custom Site (Permissions : Visitor Role for everyone and Contributor Role for just custom administrator)

               | - documentLibrary

                     | - Folder


When a new user log in Alfresco Share for the first time, a new node has created in User Homes.

Then the rules of User Homes executes a script which create a folder in my Site.

But normally, this user have not permission to create a folder or just view the content of my site.


When this user connect with his account in Alfresco Share, he don't see / access to the site.


So I don't understand why the script haven't an error 403 or 401.


Someone can help me?


I had run a test in CMIS with this same account, I tried to create a folder in my site, and I had an error : so it is normal.


Thanks in advance.