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AAAR Installation Issue

Question asked by on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by fcorti

Hi Francesco Corti


I am trying to setup AAAR with Alfresco and facing issues.


The current setup is


Alfresco CE 201701GA / 5.2

AAAR 4.5

Pentaho DI 7

Pentaho BA 7


During the AAAR installation phase I faced issues


The error shown was the following in catalina.out

2017/02/13 17:04:17 - Restore AAAR_Kettle - ERROR (version, build 1 from 2016-11-05 15.35.36 by buildguy) : We can not find file [file:///opt/pentaho-server/pentaho-solutions/system/AAAR/endpoints/kettle/src/Alfresco_5_2/PostgreSql/AAAR_Kettle_v6.sql]!


There is no "AAAR_Kettle_v6.sql" in that directory but "AAAR_Kettle_v7.sql" is present

I believe this is due to the setting in the following file "kettleVersion"


Also I noticed that inspite of me saving the settings from the pentaho console, during the AAAR installation my settings were getting changed to the default values like FTP port 1121 etc. When I monitored the file, when I skipped from "Alfresco" to "AAAR DataMart" to Pentaho Data Integration (kettle)" tabs in "Configure" section the file values were getting reverted back and finally when I installed the AAAR the values were not what I had provided.


I entered the values manually in the below file and it was taken by the install


Finally to get the install script working I had to create a symlink between "AAAR_Kettle_v6.sql" and "AAAR_Kettle_v7.sql" 


I hope that doesn't mess the installation - but you need to definitely have a look at the mentioned issues


[root@N-alfresco pentaho-server]# cat /opt/pentaho-server/pentaho-solutions/system/AAAR/endpoints/kettle/conf/AAARConfiguration.xml
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<parameter name="AAARGetAudit" value="true" />
<parameter name="AAARGetNodes" value="true" />
<parameter name="AAARGetWorkflows" value="true" />
<parameter name="alfrescoAuditLimit" value="50000" />
<parameter name="alfrescoNodeLimit" value="50000" />
<parameter name="alfrescoFtpPath" value="alfresco" />
<parameter name="alfrescoFtpPort" value="21" />
<parameter name="alfrescoHost" value="" />
<parameter name="alfrescoLogin" value="admin" />
<parameter name="alfrescoPassword" value="Alfresco!@#$" />
<parameter name="alfrescoProtocol" value="http" />
<parameter name="alfrescoPort" value="8080" />
<parameter name="alfrescoType" value="Alfresco_5_2" />
<parameter name="databaseBin" value="/usr/bin" />
<parameter name="databaseType" value="PostgreSql" />
<parameter name="databaseHost" value="localhost" />
<parameter name="databaseLogin" value="postgres" />
<parameter name="databasePassword" value="Alfresco!@#$" />
<parameter name="databasePort" value="5432" />
<parameter name="databaseSchemaAAAR" value="AAAR_DataMart" />
<parameter name="databaseSchemaKettle" value="AAAR_Kettle" />
<parameter name="databaseSchemaMain" value="postgres" />
<parameter name="kettlePath" value="/opt/data-integration" />
<parameter name="kettleVersion" value="6" />
<parameter name="pentahoAAARPath" value="/public/AAAR" />


So once the AAAR installation is done I am currently facing issues with the script


Before that could you please confirm if everything looks ok to you till now?!!!


I have attached the catalina.out logs produced during the AAAR installation for your perusal.