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How to setup Inbound Mails in alfresco.

Question asked by shivtechno on Feb 15, 2017
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How to setup Inbound Mails in alfresco..


Dear All,


I had done lot of search on internet also i was gone through video posted on youtube and did the settings in alfresc>tomcat>shared>classess --> but i didnt recieve mails on configured mail repository.

I had done following steps to be achive inbound mails to alfresco repository..

Step 1: Add the code snippet for

such as ;

# Alfresco Email Service and Email Server


# Enable/Disable the inbound email service.  The service could be used by processes other than
# the Email Server (e.g. direct RMI access) so this flag is independent of the Email Service.


# Email Server properties


# A comma separated list of email REGEX patterns of allowed senders.
# If there are any values in the list then all sender email addresses
# must match. For example:
#   .*\@alfresco\.com, .*\@alfresco\.org
# Allow anyone:

Step 2 : Saves this setting and Restarted alfresco tomcat and postgres servers.

Step 3 : Added new test site in alfresco and create repository

-  I had beed add one test site in my alfresco and one repository created.

- Repository had been added with aspect as email aliasable and given alias to the repository from clicking and saving on edit properties of repository

Step 4 : Added User in email contribution group.

- Two test users created and added to the email contribution group.


Step 5: Test for sending mail from email contributed test user to email alisable repository.

Then i had open my gmail account which is associated with email contribution group and sent a test mail to aliasable repository of alfresc i.e also associated with email contribution and same name account of gmail also

but repository is empty and in my case inbound mails are not coming.


Request to suggest on this.



Shivkumar Swami