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How to hide document previewed in Site Activities dashlet (5.2.e/5.2.d)

Question asked by zxdev777 on Feb 15, 2017
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Hi all,


How can I hide document previewed / downloaded from "Site Activities" dashlet ? Tracking of activities like this should be disabled by default in my opinion.


I proceed according to: Configuring the Alfresco 5 Activity Stream 


1.) Customization of bean with id = "documentLibraryActivitySummaryProcessor"



2.) Customization of bean with id = "feedModelBuilderPrototype"



3.) Custom configuration of my-activities.get.config.xml and site-activities.get.config.xml



After configuration it still doesn't work and I can see if someone previewed documents.


I am running on:

Alfresco Platform: 5.2.e
Alfresco Share: 5.2.d



All files I attached to question