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Last Service Task got suspended at Parallel Gateway

Question asked by ami on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by gdharley

Hi Geeks,

Here are the steps to follow which causes stated problem:- (Refer: SCENARIO-1-NOT WORKING.PNG)

1) After start node, we have a parallel gateway and that has been forked by three Service Tasks

2) All Service task's have separate out flows (Not connected by any Gateway)

3) The last Service task is found to be in suspended state from table ACT_RU_JOB, column and it's value: SUSPENSION_STATE_ = 1

4)And hence our process instance stays in Running phase, and doesn't get completed.

This scenario works when we add a Join (Joining the outflow of all Service Tasks using Parallel Gateway), process instance gets Completed.(Refer: SCENARIO-2-WORKS FINE.PNG)

And also works when we even join outflow of two of the Service tasks and the remaining one Service task will have separate outflow.(Refer: SCENARIO-3-WORKS FINE.PNG)

Kindly, let us know that 'In case of separate outflows of Service Tasks(SCENARIO-1), why last Service Task goes to SUSPENDED state?'


Is there any way of getting this fixed or Resuming the Suspended nodes? As I have read about Suspend/Resume functionality added in Activiti Framework version 5.11, and we are already working with version 5.15.

Refer this link: Screencast: Suspending a Process With Activiti 5.11 | Small steps with big feet