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Browser does not cache alfresco resources via https

Question asked by milesif on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by milesif

Hi everybody,


we installed alfresco community 201701 and succeded in configuring apache reverse proxy with ssl.

There is only a strange problem: the browser does cache practically nothing and reloading pages is really painful (for example just opening the login page download something like 700Kb e for other pages we talk about 1-2 Mb).

 This does not happen if we get pages via http instead of https (after the first time, the login page downloads 38Kb for example).


While tweaking with configurations we discovered that we already had ssl and https configured in tomcat (thanks to the alfresco community installer). We accessed alfresco via https directly on the tomcat port (8443) and we found the same behaviour, while we were expecting the fault was with our reverse proxy.


We use other tomcat and jboss webapps via reverse proxy ssl and we never experienced that.


Is this a standard behaviour? Does anybody else have experienced it? If not, what could have we done wrong?


Thanks for your help


bye Francesco