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Do forms work in Aikau dashlets

Question asked by iang on Feb 19, 2017

I have tried may versions of a form in an Aikau dashlet and cant get any to submit. I also had problem using the OptionsService but was able to code around that.


I found one post while searching google that says that to post you need a service to listen to the published item but it did not say how to do that and I can find any other mention of this.


All the examples I can find are either simple Aikau dashlets that do not submit a form or are surf dashlets that define the form differently i.e. in .js file not as xml.


My wish is to post a form from the dashlet to a custom service that processes the form information and creates custom content as required. In its simplest form this is like an SMS system, user selects one or more users to receive the message, types the message in the editor and clicks the send button. The message then appears on their SENT list and on each users RECEIVE list.


There is a long list of other requirements but need to get this working first.


Any examples of an Aikau dashlet posting would be useful otherwise I will have to abandon Aikau and use a serf dashlet for which I have examples and know can make work.