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How to upgrade or How to redeploy War files into existing Alfresco ECM

Question asked by rdorani on Feb 21, 2017

Hi All , 

I have been told in this thread to upgrade my Alfresco community edition War files:… 

I have looked at the articles and one is I think Unix related and is talking about installing the new version side by side which i don't think applies to Windows ( i ended up with 4 services and the whole installation got corrupted).

the other option is I guess to put the .WAR files in webapps folder and then deleting the Work folder in main directory and restarting tomcat.

this causes a corruption also with an error message saying can not find the Alfresco directory..


Could someone please help me with a proper step by step guide on how to RE_deploy WAR files or how to upgrade Alfresco to the new version?

This new version came up only couple of weeks ago i think and supposed to fix a major issue with versioning previews.